Help! I can't add a pizza to my cart

When you want to order a pizza, you should either see a green + symbol that allows you to add the pizza to your cart, or you should see a green button that says "Add to cart." If you do not see either of these symbols then here is what is going on:

1. Our kitchen is currently closed.  Our kitchen is open from 11am to 10pm Sunday through Thursday and from 11am to 11pm Friday and Saturday. For now we are only able to accept orders during these hours.

2. You may need to restart the Zume Pizza app.  In order to restart the app follow these steps:

    1. With the Zume Pizza app open, double click the home button

    2. You will see partial view of the app. Swipe upward on the partial view to close the app. 

    3. Press the home button to return to your home screen

    4. Reopen the Zume Pizza app by pressing the app icon one time

If you need more help, please call us at 866-863-9863 or email us at

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