Do I tip my Pielot?

We are a no-tipping business. Hospitality is included in our pricing, and this system is designed to compensate the entire team - both in the kitchen and out in the field - in an equitable and competitive way. If you feel that you have received exemplary service, please share your experience by letting your friends know about Zume Pizza! 

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    David Crawley

    No tipping is fine - but you have to have some mechanism to make sure that the service is good. In my case the driver marked the pizza as delivered even though he/she never showed up and never called. 

    You've offered to remake the pizza - but we are sitting here very very hungry while you do.


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    Poncho Villo

    Zume exceeded my wildest dreams with their HAND TOSSED dough technique.

    Finger licken good. I'll have them COME to fullfill my appetite again and again.


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