Contacting the ZUME Pizza team

We love our customers!  Please reach out to us for any reason - even if you just want to talk pizza trivia!  There are lots of ways to reach us:

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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    Karen Smeltz

    I love this idea. I'm looking for unique ideas for my food truck and EVERYONE loves pizza❤❤❤
    I would love to be the first food truck to bring ZUME to the east coast. There's no one in the world anywhere that can say they don't love pizza....
    Pizza is the only food you can completely make your own.
    My truck is new to foodies what a great product to offer for my grand opening.
    Karen Smeltz
    190 Settlers Trail
    Morgantown, Pa

    Text me at 4843451709 to be placed into call contacts.

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